Cool Off with Smoothies

By Emily Vendemmia, RYT, RMP, NCBTMB

Cold Brew

Cold brew + cacao + dates + almond butter + milk of your choiceIf you like your smoothie to do double duty with a caffeinated pick-me-up, this cold brew and cacao is a dream for busy mornings (and chocolate lovers). This would also make a great recovery drink after an especially heated vinyasa class.


Frozen blueberries + frozen cauliflower + nut butter + milk of your choice. To some, it may sound strange; to others, cauliflower in your smoothie has long been a thing. We like throwing some frozen riced cauliflower in the blender for the same reason we toss in some spinach leaves—extra vegetable nutrition that flies under the flavor radar. If you have leftover cooked cauliflower, it will add extra creaminess to your smoothie without stepping on blueberries’ toes and minus all the sugar of banana.

Turmeric Smoothie

Frozen mango or pineapple + kefir (or milk of your choice) + banana + turmeric. A super antioxidant (and a great source of vitamin B6), turmeric adds an earthy flavor to smoothies and turns them the sunniest color. (Just be careful with your clothes; turmeric stains.) Grate a little fresh turmeric into your smoothie or dried turmeric from your spice cabinet. To find your turmeric sweet spot, start small with a half-teaspoon of dried, a half-inch knob of fresh.

Cantaloupe + Basil

Cubed cantaloupe + yogurt (or milk of your choice) + basil + frozen bananaWoefully unsung, melon is magic in a smoothie. Cool and creamy, with the unexpected herbal hit, this flavor combo screams summer. Mix this one up when cantaloupe is at its most achingly sweet. Like, now!


Cucumber + avocado + lime juice + cilantro + salt. Not all smoothies need to include fruit. This one takes a savory profile for the days you’re feeling more salty than sweet. Kick up the spice with a bit of jalapeno pepper thrown in the mix.

The Green Guy

Kale + spinach + frozen pineapple + frozen banana + water or milk of your choiceBecause there’s no better shortcut to feeling like a glowy health goddess than a green smoothie. Hot tip: blend your greens with liquid first to make sure they are obliterated. Then add the frozen fruits to get everything creamy.

Emily Vendemmia is a single mother of two and Co-Founder of True Moon Yoga in Annapolis, Maryland. She is known for her strength, flexibility and raw teaching style. She completed a 9 week training with Bikram Choudry and Mary Jarvis and was ready to open her first studio in 2007. From the beginning of her teaching career Emily has focused on developing her students’ and teachers’ physical strength as well as growing a supportive and caring community for all.  Read more.

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