Power of Self Compassion

When you treat others with compassion, you experience a deep sense of connection and love. It just flows so freely from your heart. Yet, when was the last time you extended that same compassion to yourself?

What’s stopping you?

Somehow, through social or family patterns or other invented constructs, many of us received the message that it’s not OK to treat ourselves with lovingkindness. That we must be tough on ourselves in order to succeed or survive. But we now know the opposite is true.

Self-compassion can redefine your life
Lifelong, empowering change is possible when we cultivate self-compassion. A body of ever-expanding scientific evidence reveals that highly self-compassionate people experience:

  • More motivation and productivity
  • Fewer anxiety and depression symptoms
  • More resiliency and self-confidence
  • Prolonged periods of happiness and satisfaction
  • Increased support from others AND a greater capacity to give

Nurture the strength to be kind to yourself

The painful habit of self-criticism is tough to break, but The Power of Self-Compassion will teach you how. Researched and led by Dr. Chris Germer and Dr. Kristin Neff for more than a decade, this course will show you how to remove the barriers that prevent you from being compassionate to yourself, and give you valuable tools and practices to continually nurture this strength.

We invite you to enroll in The Power of Self-Compassion and discover how you can experience more joy and less self-doubt simply by showing yourself the same kindness you offer others. Act today to save $200.

P.S. The Power of Self-Compassion comes with a 100% money-back guarantee because Kristin and Chris are so confident that this research-supported program will change your life, as it has thousands of others. Try it risk-free.

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