The Goddess Experience

How do we claim our power?

It’s not through collecting degrees to hang on the wall, or checking boxes others want us to.

It happens when we see that what we seek is already in us–closer than our breath, but covered up by our conditioning.

This pure consciousness within is known as the Goddess Shakti in ancient Indian scriptures. While the creative wisdom of the goddess was sidelined for many centuries, it was never extinguished.

We’re excited to share the chance to join Acharya Shunya for the first time ever for The Goddess Experience: A Mystical Initiation into The Divine Feminine, produced with Sounds True. 

This new, in-depth, 20-week course includes direct transmissions from Acharya Shunya to open us to the grace and wisdom of the goddess within.

Through live sessions, a powerful community, and deep, embodied practice, Acharya Shunya will walk side by side with you for an unforgettable journey to unlock the energies of the Divine Feminine.

This course combines contemporary spiritual teachings with traditional mystical practices, now available to all, that transmit the very essence of the Goddess.

If you want to ignite your sacred potential, free your creative flow, and build an abundant life on all levels, please join us for this unique program.

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