Do You Know Your Shadow?

By Tami Simon

Have you ever had a pattern of falling in love with the same type of person, over and over again, even though the relationships seemed doomed from the start? Or wondered why certain events were triggering for you, seemingly out of proportion to the events themselves? Or had a sense that there was some creative endeavor wanting to be born through you that you couldn’t quite name, as if it were hidden on the very edge of your awareness?

All of these experiences are indicators of the Shadow at work. The Shadow is that part of us that is unknown, yet influences every aspect of our lives.

What if you could become more conscious of your Shadow? And most importantly, what if you could begin to make wiser choices and bring your greatest gifts to the world? This is why we created Facing Your Shadow.

It is through the door of the Shadow that you enter into the highest mystery of your incarnation.

Facing Your Shadow is an eight-week transformational learning experience with two of the most creative spiritual teachers and “Shadow busters” of our time, Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey. The course is a guide to uncovering what you don’t know about yourself so you can come into alignment with your true power and purpose. And it is also a journey of self-confrontation, one that requires courage, truth-telling, and a willingness to grow.

We live in unprecedented times. Never before have we had such incredible powers to connect and create as well as divide and destroy. Now, as we do our inner work, we are also called upon to face the multiple Shadows of our collective crises. This is a brave undertaking—and also joyful, heart-opening, and meaningful. Few things fulfill us so deeply as discovering our true sacred mission and how we can bring our light to a world that so needs us.

Journey Into The Shadow