Winter Escape: Virginia Beach

By Cassandra Bellarei

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 
― Rumi

When people think of winter travel, they don’t often think about going to the beach.  This past New Year’s Eve we traveled to Virginia. Why? 

Virginia is for Lovers. 

We were celebrating many things including our Anniversary. In the winter months cooler beach destinations often have better deals. You can even get a large suite for the price you would pay in season for a single room. Now, the holidays are different. 

We looked at the Historic Cavalier Hotel.  Their bargain rate for the weekend was $899. That was not in our budget, but I have that hotel on the list for next time when the prices are not hiked up for the holiday.  You can get a nice room for under $300 a night when the calendar year is not turning. The Cavalier opened its doors in 1927, and has welcomed 10 presidents and luminaries from Frank Sinatra to Elizabeth Taylor. The hotel has been meticulously restored to its original grandeur, blending the timeless luxury with the comfort, amenities and technology along with a spa of course.  I wanted a room with a view, so we found a beautiful suite with a kitchen on the boardwalk with an ocean view. The bonus for me —a fire pit over looking the beach!

We arrived late and wanted a quick bite. We were directed to THE BEST Gluten Free Pizza in VA Beach at Dough Boys. It was lush with beach charm and southern hospitality and were able to walk from our hotel. Since it was late, we got a special offer. “Find a place to sit and a server will be right with you, or order take out and it’s on me,” said the lovely bartender. Needless to say, we ordered take out, and enjoyed some conversation with the locals while we waited.

The next morning we learned a very valuable lesson. 

Brunch is a big deal no matter what time of year. Your choice is to wait hours for a table at the local hot spots or make a reservation well in advance.  We both were getting a big hangry and frustrated, but my partner in culinary adventures was not giving up. We ended up at a perfect spot off the beaten path called Commune.  Don’t let the name fool you. It was not a weird cult, but a community of mindful foodies that have created an exquisite conscious corner of culinary delights — And it was all fresh and local! 

Commune is a farm to table restaurant where sustainability is king!  They had large tables available and that was on purpose. It was all community style seating. We sat at one out of the way near the kitchen. At first we were not in the mood to socialize until this nice couple sat at the other end of the table and we got to chatting. I wanted something warm to start so I ordered their signature maple latte – One sip and you have entered latte heaven. Mr. Jones known as Chef Ricco, ordered The Pancake Stack with a few of his favorite sides. I ordered a Crispy Potato Bowl that was big enough for two and a side of greens. It had diced potatoes, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, picked mustard seeds, shaved raw radish and a sunny side up egg. We happily took our time with each bite. All of it was delicious, local and divine. When were were finished we thanked the chefs and our server and left with very happy bellies. 

Virginia Beach has a lovely boardwalk so we decided to take in the sights and sounds and visit King Neptune. You don’t want to miss this piece of art at Neptune Park. The boardwalk also has a walking tour that is both educational and entertaining. Our original party plans got rained out so we got creative with plan B and decided to take full advantage of our accommodations. We found the local Whole Foods and created our own delicious menu for some in room romantic dining by the sea.

Do not discount visiting the beach in the winter. You can create an adventurous or relaxing  getaway on any budget. You know you want to go. Until next time, subscribe to keep up with the Jones’ travel adventures.

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Cassandra Bellarei is the Founder and Chief Creatrix of Holistic DIVA Wellness. Her mission is to help people LIVE LIFE WELL with a community of holistic wellness writers, experts, creatives and change makers from all over the globe. Write For Us.