The Lessons of Winter

By Jo Jayson

Winter’s Sleep Oil and Collage on Canvas © Jo Jayson 2010

After the winter solstice, the shortest day calls us inside. The darkened skies and the temporary absence of the sun, beckons us in to our homes to stay warm and safe and also asks us to come home within ourselves. It is the time of retreat, reflection and stillness. The year is about to lay itself to rest and so must we follow its cue.

Soon a white blanket of snow will layer the tired earth, as it starts its winter sleep. We too must allow ourselves, and parts of our daily life to stop and recover from a year of activity and doing. This is the time of being and allowing our rest, to beckon the renewal of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

Winter’s sleep can be the incubation for all of our new wishes and intentions for the new year. We can take the time to procrastinate in our pondering, in our pottering and our purpose-finding. In winter there is no rush, not hurry, nor haste. In winter we move slowly, embrace the quiet and listen to the silence.

Soon Spring will be upon us, and the doing will begin. New life and new beginnings emerge within us and around us and we will start our own cycle of busyness and productivity again. 

Until then, rest well in the comfort of your own hearth, allow the sun in the sky and the sun within you to build its strength and power and return reborn after its long sleep.

An internationally  intuitive artist and spiritual teacher, Jo Jayson helps women all over the world find empowerment, healing, and inspiration. Her paintings, prints, meditation kits and CD’S for physical and emotional wellness and empowerment are sought after and respected by her large following here in the US, Europe and around the world. Connect with Jo at and on the social networks.

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